About Me

Matt is a PA native who just returned to the Lancaster County area after spending 9 years on the amazing island of Kaua'i in Hawaii. He was the "Lead Guide" for 'Kauai Photo Tours' for 8 years, and lead tours, taught classes, and organized photography workshops during that time all over the Hawaiian islands.
Matt started his own freelance photography company 7 years ago and shot weddings and portraits for years. He also shot commercially for many local restaurants, tour companies, magazines, news outlets, and other businesses. Matt's photographic specialties are many, having spent years shooting whatever a given client needed him too.
They include:
Food and Beverage, Real Estate, Product, Portraits, Weddings, Landscape, Wildlife, and many others.

Work With Me

Cell: 610-331-5490

Email: matt@feeserphoto.com